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Class Instructors


I have been involved in personal training since 2006 after obtaining my BS in Health and Physical Education as well as NASM PT Certification.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to return home to VC and train here at Divide Fitness.  I have worked with clients of all ages and abilities coaching individuals towards achieving weight loss, improving athletic performance, working through injury rehab and learning how to live a healthier more balanced lifestyle.  Whatever your goal, big or small, I can help!  


I have lived in Carson City for 49 years and work full time for my family's business. Fitness is my sanity, hobby and passion. In addition to fitness, I Love hiking ... especially in and around Virginia City, learning about mining, relating the history with the trails.  My love of fitness came after some very long years of weight gains, poor eating habits and lack of movement. Well on my way to 300 pounds, I made an effort to get healthy.  I became a Curves member, lost a considerable amount of weight and wanted more growth in the fitness arena. I started taking classes at Nevada Fitness and I found that instructor led classes were motivational and addicting! Verna Lewis, a group fitness instructor, (now my friend and fitness mentor), motivated and encouraged me for many years to become an instructor. Finally in 2006 I did, by obtaining my AFAA ( American Fitness & Aerobics Association) group fitness Certification and began teaching classes with my new found energy. I currently teach a variety of Step, Conditioning and strength classes as well as R.I.P.P.E.D. at Western Nevada College and Nevada Transformation Center. Fitness is something that happens over time, not something you walk into a gym and immediately have. Walking into gym is a big step, and not always comfortable, especially if like me years ago fitness had not been a current part of your life. At Divide Fitness I look forward to motivating others in the same way I have been motivated to live the life of health & happiness. My classes offer a fun fitness experience for any level from beginner's to those who are already fit & want more.



I have been practicing and studying Pilates for 4 years and recently became a certified instructor.  I love the mind-body connection Pilates promotes and am excited to spread this passion.  I ride motorcycles, sail boats and like to have a good time!

Come hang out and let's do Pilates!

Rod the UPS guy

I have worked for UPS 23 of my 49 years.  My wife and kids are very athletic and I began seriously working out 7 years ago.  I am certified in, well.......having a good time working out with others!  Watch the schedule and come join me every now and then for a workout!  

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